About us

Our company

Anderson Farms originated in Fountain County Indiana.

Currently we farm roughly 500 acres, the majority of which is set in a field corn/soybean rotation.  Within the past couple years, we have planted 300 lavender plants, and began ornamental crop production.  These include the pumpkins and ornamental corn varieties.

The farm itself is not currently open to visitors.  We hope to adjust this as time and funds allow.

All of our non conventional crops are hand planted and hand harvested. Exception is the planting of the ornamental corn.


2.5 acres of Wilda's Pride ornamental corn


2.5 acres of Wilda's Pride ornamental corn

3 acres of Fiesta ornamental corn

2.5 acres of strawberry popcorn

2.5 acres of 'Indian Fingers' popcorn

2 Acres of Poco Blanco - white minis

2 Acres of Lil' Pumpkemon - multicolor minis

2 Acres of Moonglo - orange minis

Farming Family

Currently operated by 2 generations.  We strive to employ locally to assist in our labor needs.