Growing Ornamental Corn, Wilda's Pride

Growing Ornamental Corn, Wilda's Pride

After we bought the seed, ordered the plates, decided against turning fallow ground and buying a cultivator, spreader and fertilizer, it was time to get to work!

We first hitched up the 3 point spreader and spread triple 19,

Then we hitched up the cultivator and started tilling the ground.


The next step was waiting for the ground to dry before spreading urea (46-0-0) followed by discing straight away so it wouldn't volatilize.

Next step was putting seed in the planter, then starting that run.

seed in can

Planting was the final step.

Freshly planted field:

freshly planted

Following the planting section, getting it in the ground, it's sunlight, heat, soil/nutrition, water and time that are needed.  The next visit showed neat little green rows and 3 whorls!

green rows

3 whorls

Waited a couple of weeks and we have progress!

Close up

But, we have some grass growing too...

We'll be taking care of the grass soon enough.

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